Meet Jonathan M. Rosenthal (JR)


My experiences as a litigator, teacher and sole practitioner give me the perspective to serve you as a bencher.

I have been practicing criminal law as a sole practitioner for more than 25 years. I have also been teaching trial advocacy to both lawyers and law students for almost 15 years. There are challenges facing our profession. My experiences as a litigator, teacher and sole practitioner give me the perspective and connection to all members of the bar, from recent calls to multi-decade practitioners, to serve you as a bencher.

Jonathan M. Rosenthal
171 John Street, Suite 101, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1X3
T: 416.360.7768


Jonathan is, as advertised — hardworking, dedicated and energetic. He has a real feel for what younger members of the bar face in our dynamic marketplace. Although, happily, I haven’t needed his services on the criminal side of the practice, I have had the opportunity of teaching with him in many venues, including training crown attorneys in Alberta, law students in the US, young practitioners in Ontario. He believes in what we do and he spends a lot of volunteer hours training others in the belief that the better we all are at what we do, the better it is for our profession. He will bring a fresh perspective and will be a great bencher.

– Sheila Block, Partner, Torys


Jonathan Rosenthal will make an excellent Bencher. He is a passionate advocate, a committed mentor, a successful educator, and already is seen by many as a leading voice in the profession. Jonathan is funny, wise, compassionate and completely dedicated to improving the justice system.

– Lorne Sossin, Dean Osgoode Hall Law School

Jonathan Rosenthal is a committed member of the bar who has spent countless hours volunteering his time both teaching and as a member of the Executive of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association. As a bencher, Jonathan would bring that same commitment to this work as a bencher and with it, a fresh perspective. We would all benefit from his involvement.

– Marie Henein, partner Henein Hutchinson

Jonathan Rosenthal is a leader in the profession in teaching and thinking about problems facing lawyers. He has spent his career looking for practical solutions to problems facing lawyers and clients.

He will be an excellent bencher.

– Frank Addario, Partner Addario Law, former president Ontario Criminal Lawyers’ Assocation

Jonathan Rosenthal has an agile mind, a prodigious work ethic and an interest in service to the profession that shows itself in his work as a member of the Executive of the CLA. He believes in contributing to professional excellence and has given hundreds of hours over the years teaching advocacy. The Law Society and the profession would be well served by his energies and abilities. I am pleased to endorse Jonathan for bencher.

– Janet Leiper, Bencher